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Detailed Gel Nail Polish Course Instructions

Apply gel nail polish like a professional:

Prep & Cleanse
Step 1: Prepare & clean

Prepare the nails by pushing back the cuticles, roughen up your nails with a fine buffer.
Degrease the nails with the Pink Cleaner and a Nail Wipe. 

Apply Primer
Step 2: Apply Primer (Optional)

Apply Pink Primer on the tips of your nails and air dry for 15 seconds. Do not cure
under the LED/UV lamp. 

Apply Base
Step 3: Apply Base & Cure

Apply a thin coat of Pink Base on your nails and cure under a LED lamp for 15
seconds or under an UV lamp for 30 seconds.
Cure Base
Cure time Base:
LED = 15 seconds
UV = 30 seconds

Apply Color
Step 4: Apply Colour & Cure

Apply a thin coat of a colour of your choice, and cure for 60 seconds under a LED
lamp or 120 seconds under an UV lamp.
Apply several coats for the best opacity. 
Cure Color
Cure time colour:
LED = 60 seconds
UV = 120 seconds

Apply Top Coat
Step 5: Apply Ultra Shine & Cure

Apply Pink Ultra Shine, and cure for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or 120 seconds
under an UV lamp. 
Cure Color
Cure time Shine:
LED = 60 seconds
UV = 120 seconds


Enjoy your beautiful polished nails for 2 weeks!



your nails glossy and rock solid   

Pink Gellac gel polish has major benefits: 

gel nail polish starter kitsAn excellent range of colors, and they DON’T fade 
or shrink like some other well-known brands

gel nail polish starter kitsThe rounded-tip brushes make application 
easy on all nail shapes and sizes

gel nail polish starter kitsIt’s long-lasting and extremely durable!

 Andrea Beight Gel polish expert, Nail Technician,

gel nail polish starter kits

 Gel polish expert and Nail Technician Andrea Beight from says: