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How to remove gel nail polish


Removing gel nail polish in minutes, it's possible!   

Removing the gel nail polish is easy and we explain how to do it in the above video and we also go through it step by step during the online course. You need the Gel Nail Polish Remover and the Pink Remover Wraps to remove the gel nail polish effectively. 

Do you want to apply a new gel nail polish color or does your nails need a retouch?

File the top layer with a 100/180 file and soak the Remover Wrap with the Pink nail polish Remover. Wrap the Remover Wrap around your nails with the shiny side down.

Wait for 10 minutes and remove the wrap with twisting motions. You can remove the leftovers easily with an Orange Woodstick or a Cuticle Pusher, make sure you do this carefully so you won't damage the nails. To make sure everything is off and smooth you can buff your nails with a Polish Block. 

Do you struggle with removing the gel nail polish?
Then try this trick; soak your hands and nails in a warm bath with oil, this can be any kind of oil. This will soak into your gel nail polish and makes it easier to remove eventually. Never apply the Pink Primer on your entire nails. Apply it only on the tip of your nails so you can remove the gel nail polish easily.

The Pink Base Extend is easier to soak off and can be removed within 10 minutes! The Pink Base Extend is a thick gel nail polish base coat which makes the gel nail polish stay on much longer and strengthens the nails! With this Soak of Gel nail Polish Base Extend you do not need the Pink Primer! Apply the Pink Base Extend thinly and cure this 60 seconds with our LED lamp. If you have thin or weak nails you can apply multiple nails for extra adhesion.

You can buy the Pink Remover and the Remover Wraps for $12,00 here!


Pink Gellac Starter set LED + Kleur Pink Gellac gellak nagellak kopen met UV lamp en 1 kleur