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Professional gel nail polish Colors

Don't you have a LED lamp yet?
Start now with Pink Gellac gel nail polish and you will benefit from high starter reductions. Try for 30 days! 


gel nail polish experience pink gellac    gel nail polish experience pink gellac    


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Enjoy 14 days perfectly shiny polished gel polished nails with Pink Gellac. Pick one of our 143 gel colors and cure your gel polish in a few seconds under the LED lamp. Buy your products 14 days on trial. Order before 11:30 pm for same day despatch. 

Pink Gellac is the Dutch market leader on the salon quality gel nail polish market. Cure the gel polish yourself under a LED or an UV lamp and enjoy beautifull polished nails for 14 days. All gel polish colors have to be cured for 60 seconds under a LED lamp and for 120 seconds under an UV lamp.

Pink Gellac is the reliable webshop for all your gel polish and manicure products. Pink Gellac has 150+ gel polish colors, all colors tell their own story. Every 3 months Pink Gellac introduces a new collection with 5 to 7 new gel polish colors. Pink Gellac is inspired by the latest beauty  and fashion trends, but even all fans are a big inspiration. 
Unlike traditional nail polish that only stays perfect for 2 days, Pink Gellac stays perfect for 14 days. You can easily apply and remove Pink Gellac gel polish yourself at home. The Pink Gellac blog and courses will give you some extra tips. Besides you can download our free app. You will receive the 60 page Pink Gellac magazine with every order, in this magazine you can find fancy nail arts.


Regularly new gel polish colors at home.

New Pink Gellac gel polish collections are launched 6 times a year, that means 30 new colors a year! Every collection is inspired by the latest beauty and fashion trends. Pink Gellac introduced 6 new collections last year, namely: the Ibiza Collection, Uncovered1 Collection, Majestic Collection, Glamourize Collection, VIP Collection and the newest Blossom Collection.


Fancy gel nail polish collections with unique themes.

The Ibiza Collection contains 5 different fancy colors. Every color is inspired by the Bohemian style. The nail polish color palette makes us think of our favorite holiday destination: Ibiza!  The Uncovered1 Collection contains 5 different nude colors, that are specially developed for nude lovers. You can combine these colors with a sun-kissed skin for a stunning look! But these colors can be worn all year long for a fashionable look. A recommendation for the autumn months, but even for the rest of the year. The Majestic Collection is easy to combine, it is a powerful collection inspired by the Dutch Queen Maxima. Finish your party look with the Glamourize Collection. These gel polish colors create a real party on your nails! 

The Pink Gellac color carousel helps you to choose the right color to your skin tone. With the color carousel you can easily see all Pink Gellac colors. Order before 11:30pm and your order will be shipped the same day. Follow Pink Gellac on Facebook and Instagram! And share your pictures and experiences with us and our 150,000 Pink Gellac fans.