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Returns & Exchanges

You have a 30-day trail

Are you not satisfied with your purchase? You can inform us this within 30 days, after receiving your items. After that, you have 14 days to send the products back to us. Of course, in original state and package (if possible). View the products like you would in a store and view it from all sides


Entry of the 30-day trail

The trail ends 30 days after you have received your product. Does the order contain multiple shipment because of a back-order? Then the trail starts the same day that you have received your last product from your order.


How you can make use of your 30-day trail

To make use of your 30-day trail, you need to inform us within 30 days stating that you would like to return your package and receive a refund. This can be done through email.


Send your return within 14 days

After you have informed us of your return within a period of 30 days, you have 14 days the time to send your order back to us. The costs of returning are for your own account.


Quick process of your return

Once you have notified us that you want to return your order or a part of it, you will receive an email with a return form and an address where you can return it to. The return form makes sure that we can process your return even faster!


Sending your return to us

After filling the return form out, you need to include this in your package so our return department knows who the package belongs to. This form has the address on it and put this on your package. Is it not possible for you to print the return form? Then attach a paper sheet with your order number and the reason of your return.

Write the return address clearly on the package and make sure you request a track and trace link! You have until 14 days after notice to send your package back.


Refunding your order.

If you are returning your order within 14 days, then you will receive your full purchase amount back, including the shipping costs. We will refund the money as soon as possible back to your original payment method. The refund will be done within 14 days after you have returned the items.


Exchanging your order

Is one product not as you wished it would be? Then you can exchange the product easily. If you want to exchange a product, sending it back is as easy as our return procedure. The costs for sending your return to us is for your own account but we will send the new product to you with free shipping!